Elektor Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Kit: The Perfect Pairing of SDR and Raspberry Pi

Why not combine your passion for software-defined radio with the Raspberry Pi for your next project? The Elektor Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR kit is the perfect starting point for SDR and ham automation.

Would you like to combine your passion for software-defined radio (SDR) and Raspberry Pi? If so, you’re in luck. The Elevator Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR kit offers hardware and a book to start as a ham operator with your Raspberry Pi. The included RTl-SDR switch offers you an affordable entry into the world of software-defined radio. The book, Raspberry Pi for radio amateurs, covers the basic operation of the Raspberry Pi and its use for your ham radio. What an excellent pairing!

Inside the set

Are you curious about the hardware and the book that comes with the Elektor Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR? Fortunately, the author of Elektor Tam Hannah covers everything you need to know about the hardware in a recent review. See those of Koen Vervloesem Book review for details on Dogan Ibrahim’s book, Raspberry Pi for radio amateurs. A licensed radio amateur and Raspberry Pi enthusiast, Ibrahim is the perfect author to introduce the Raspberry Pi to radio amateurs.

Elevator Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR kit

The contents of the kit have not changed. The current book offers a pleasant introduction to the world of Raspberry Pi and SDR. The Realtek chip, RTL2832, was used in USB DVB-T receivers. By reverse engineering, it has been found that the raw data of the receiver can be read and thus you can realize very cheap receivers for the frequency range from 42 to 1002 MHz. However, the frequency stability of the DVB-T rods leaves much to be desired, so a temperature-compensated oscillator is used with the RTL-SDR stick. With this you can also first try listening to the QO-100 (Es’hail-2) if you have a suitable satellite dish and LNB. Also the transformation into a WebSDR is possible with the kit and Raspberry Pi. And last but not least, there is Welle.IO software that converts a Raspberry Pi or computer and an RTL-SDR stick into a DAB / DAB + receiver.

If you are interested in the book and the RTL-SDR receiver, package makes sense. And if you need a Raspberry Pi, take a look Desktop set Raspberry Pi 4.

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Unpacking the Elektor Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR kit

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