Elbit Systems’ Newest E-LynX Adds Multi-Channel and Full-Duplex Capabilities To Software Defined Radios – SatNews

Elbit systems The E-LynX family of software-defined radios (SDRs) now adds multi-channel and full-duplex technologies, significantly increasing network bandwidth, further enabling the company’s SDR-based multidomain digital transformation solution. The results were well received, as the company has already concluded a deal to supply more than ten thousand multi-channel full-duplex E-LynX SDRs to a customer from NATO, Sweden and Israel.

When using radio systems with single or dual radio frequency channels, the ability of tactical users to transmit and receive information depends on the availability of the channel, which limits the reach and presence of users in the network. Elbit Systems’ new patented multi-channel technology allows the simultaneous use of multiple radio frequencies for transmission and reception using one or more waveforms, ensuring network availability and presence at all times – a key factor in multi-domain operations. The multi-channel network capability improves the optimization of spectrum resource allocation and improves the ability to perform concurrent missions, while maintaining fast, robust, secure, interoperable, and immune communication on any terrain. Modern tactical radio technologies allow access to the network for one user at a time. The new full-duplex technology allows tactical users to exchange information simultaneously and have dynamic conversations, accelerating the flow of information on the battlefield.

To date, the SDR E-LynX family is the preferred choice of several countries for their multidomain digital transformation, including Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Israel. Elbit Systems will supply more than ten thousand multi-channel full-duplex E-LynX SDR systems within several of these programs.

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